How to make a totally epic saborrbabaten race map!!!

So, you've been playing saboabraten parkour for a long while now and you want to make your very own courses but you don't know where to begin. I'm gonna tell you how to make an extremely well designed and enjoyable map.

Map Making 101: Memorization

(the ideal map)

The most important element of any Cube 2: Sauarbatene parkour map is MEMORIZATION. You can't have people blasting through your map first attempt because of their reflexes and knowledge of the games mechanics, that'd be stupid. They need to have memory of your stages specific gimmicks, mazes and secret routes(you didnt forget the le epic secret instant win path did you?????).

average race map

The main goal of a saurbaten race map is to get the player to start going in a circular path making absolutely no progress. A great way to do this is to use a single texture over and over and have no recognizable landmarks. You can also abuse the shit out of teleporters and bouncepads to really keep em guessing.

Another really good technique is to put your map on a reasonably sane start and people think they're playing on a decent straightforward map and then just SURPRISE them with a warp to the beginning.(I just went on a map like this).

Map Making 102: Maturity

Listen, you just turned 13 and you need to let the whole world be aware of this fact. How do you show people that you're a mature adult you might ask? Put cursing all over your map silly. You need to use big boy words that show how le edggyyy you are, good words for this are: fuck, cunt, shit, damn, bitch, fag, et cetera. You cannot have people thinking that your map is for little kids, you are an ADULT god dammit.

Map Making 103: Chokepoints

Wow dude, you have a racing map that is not only extremely confusing but very vulgar and full of offensive language. Great job! You are almost done in creating your map, now you just need to add the final step of "chokepoints". When I say a chokepoint I mean areas of the map that are going to get overcrowded by people and will results in pushing and shooting guns at people to knock them off of platforms. You need to have extremely thin platforms, hallways and doorways. Blocking off the path is an essential part of the saurbraten racing metagame and you must please these people as well.


You've made a quality saurbraten racing map! Now you're ready to submit it to all of the saurbraten racing servers. I am very proud of you and your map, son.